Some Rochester Referees

Katy Nesbitt

Grade 3-Professional Referee

Katie Nesbitt Katie Nesbitt

Katy received her professional badge in 2015. Katy began refereeing in Rochester, NY in 2002 as a side job in high school. After a few years she was invited to events such as ODP and Regionals and really enjoyed the opportunity to travel and learn more about soccer and refereeing. Her first big assignment was as an assistant referee on a USL Pro match in September 2010. In 2013 she had the honor of being an assistant referee for the NWSL inaugural match and two Women's International Friendlies. She worked in the NWSL 2013-2014, receiving a NWSL semi-final match in August 2014. Currently she is refereeing in the MLS.

Amanda Ross

Grade 2-FIFA Assistant Referee

Amanda Ross Amanda Ross Referee

Amanda worked at the Pan Am Games in Canada in 2015. In the crew photo above, she is the AR on the left. She was on the Canada vs Columbia Women's semi final game on July 22 and the Canada vs Mexico Bronze Medal Game on July 24. Amanda was appointed as a FIFA Assistant Referee in 2014, and became one of only four USA women holding a Grade 2 badge. Amanda is a retired FIFA and working on referee coaching.

Reinhold Spath


Reinhold Spath Reinhold Spath Referee

Reinhold Spath started playing soccer at the age of six in Germany and was playing organized soccer in Salzburg Austria by the time he was ten years old. He played in the German Amateur League until 1958. During his playing career, Reinhold began refereeing at the junior level and had been officiating for ten years prior to arriving in the United States in 1958. He played for the German American Sports Club in Rochester for three years, then resumed officiating in 1961. After working three games, WNY registered Reinhold with the USSF as a State Referee. This earned him a position in the NASL as a Referee.

In Reinhold's own words: "My most memorable moment was serving as the Referee when the Rochester Lancers played the U.S. National Team. My next assignment from USSF was senior linesman at the Lancers vs. Santos Brazil friendly, with Pele playing. In my years as a Referee, I had great times and it can only be done in America!"

Reinhold held the position of State Referee for 25 years, officiating center for 5,029 games, and 1,786 games as an AR. He became an Assessor in 1976, and an Instructor in 1980. He earned the National Assessor title in 2002, and retired as an NA in 2006. The USSF appointed Reinhold as SRA and SYRA in 1980, and served as SRA for 22 years, SYRA for 19 years.

Reinhold served as president of the Rochester Referee Unit for 7 years. He also served as RDSL Assignor for 18 years, Rhinos AR Assignor for 10 years and the Ravens Assignor for 8 years. He refereed the Lake Placid Indoor league for 6 years and assigned that league for 25 years. He also assigned for WNY Youth ODP (7 years), Region 1 ODP (6 years), and State Cup Finals (9 years). Reinhold also supervised the assessment of 39 games at the World University in Buffalo. Reinhold built new referee units in Syracuse, Binghamten, Elmira, Ithaca, Batavia, Southern Tier, and Oneonta.

  • In 1983 Congresman Frank Horten presented a Flag that was flown over the US Capital on July 4 1983 to REINHOLD SPATH "for his many years of faithful, devoted and outstanding service to the game of soccer as a Referee and Administrator in Rochester NY."
  • Life member in 1989 by the North Western NY State Soccer Asssociation
  • Life member in 1990 by the N.W. Soccer Referees Organization
  • Life member in 1991 by the Finger Lakes Soccer League
  • William Scofield Memorial Award in 1991 at the National Referee Testing session in Colorado
  • Life member of the North American Jr. Soccer League in November 1991
  • Inducted into the US National Soccer Hall of Fame in 1997 ( Oneonta NY)
  • Life member of the US National Referee program on October 26, 2000
  • In 2008 the Rochester District Soccer League named the cup, REINHOLD M. SPATH CUP
  • On November 15, 2010, the RDSL made Reinhold a Life Member for his many years of service to the game of soccer as a Referee, Instructor, Assessor, Assignor, Administrator, and Coach.
  • In 1995, Reinhold received the honor of "Citizen of the Year" by the Federation of German-American Societies in Rochester, NY.
  • On April 27, 2014 Reinhold was inducted into the Rochester Soccer Hall of Fame along with Abby Wambach, Charlie Schiano. Brian Bliss. Pat Dinalfo. Arman Capan, and Bernie Iacovangelo.